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Monday, May 9, 2011

New Things

Somehow Nicole and I have lived in Beirut all these months and never visited Bourj Hamoud until yesterday. The Bourj Hamoud neighborhood houses much of the city's Armenian community and affords opportunities to sample the food and culture, both of which have influenced Beirut life. Very inexpensive sandwich shops line the streets, so I tried a wonderful basterma sandwich and we spent a few hours wandering the streets with our friend Karine.

On a separate matter, Monday night is the lecture I'm giving with Margaret, visiting this week from back home in Dearborn. If you're in Beirut, be in West Hall Auditorium B at 6:00 pm to hear us talk about academic literacy across borders. We'll describe our teaching parternship last Fall and hopefully get some AUB audience members excited about continuing such partnerships in the future.

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