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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Night Hike

As Nicole notes, her Valentine's Day gift to me was a night hike. Last night after work, we joined the "Vamos" group for a moonlit walk in the north of Lebanon, through the villages of Ibrine and Batroun as well as the nearby *city* of Batroun too. We stopped at several grottos and small churches dedicated to the revered Lebanese saint Mar Charbel and enjoyed the fresh air, something Beirut lacks in a BIG way. We wore coats but couldn't help think that winter--such as it is in Lebanon--seems to be coming to an end. Did I mention that we also stopped at a little pool hall/bakery (what a combination!) in Batroun for a jibnee (Nicole) and a zaatar (me)? Delicious, of course. Batroun's an old seaside Phoenician port with an ancient wall that protects the city from the waves. I believe it's more or less midway between Byblos and Tripoli. Insha'Allah we'll return and see the city during daylight hours too.

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