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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Two big activities this weekend. Nicole and I have started spending part of our Saturday afternoons tutoring kids from one of the Palestinian refugee camps, so that was yesterday's activity. We each work with four high school juniors getting ready for SATs. Then, today, we took the bus down to Sidon ("Saida") for the afternoon. Mostly we strolled around the souks and enjoyed the view of the sea. Getting there was half the fun, though, courtesy of the Lebanese bus system--crowded and a bit smokey, but only 1500 Lebanese Lira. That's one dollar U.S. for a ride all the way to southern Lebanon.

Only four days until my parents and my sister Anna get to Lebanon for a visit. My semester ends in a few short days (yes, it's still "Fall 2010" at AUB) so I'll have plenty of time to spend with them too. Can't wait. Experiencing the Middle East has been so rewarding and I'm glad Nicole and I can share that experience with some of our family at least.


  1. This is where I steal some thunder: see you in a few months!


  2. Bill, you should rename this blog "Getting there was half the fun". That is the consistent theme running through each of your posts!

    -- Jeff