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Friday, October 29, 2010


Last night Nicole and I and a friend of ours went to the Lebanese National Oriental Orchestra and it was an amazing performance. In additional to violins and cellos and other familiar (to us) instruments, orchestra members also play various traditional Arab instruments. The orchestra mostly performed numbers with upbeat tempos, great for experiencing the traditional sounds that are this orchestra's specialty. I had to browse LOO's website as well as wikipedia this morning to learn the names of some of the instruments. Examples: the qanun (like a zither or very large dulcimer), the oud (similar to a lute--the LOO's "first oud" player, who was awesome, seems to occupy a place of prestige, kind of like a "first violin" in a Western orchestra); and the ney (like a flute). Looks like they perform about once or twice a month. Nicole and I will definitely return. Seems like a good place to take anybody who comes to visit us too.


  1. If you happen to find any links with their work, please post. (Next stop: Google).

    Thanks for all the posts. Keep 'em up. It's quite a treat to share in your adventures, Bill.

  2. Will do. The orch. definitely wasn't as repetitive as a lot of Arab pop music can be. I wish they had CDs available at their shows.